7 Unexpected Costs YouShould Learn About BeforeListing Your House in Little Rock

Listing your house in Little Rock can take more time and money than
most people think. It isn’t always as simple as calling up a realtor and
getting your house listed on the MLS. In this post, we will look at several
costs home sellers often overlook and get surprised with when listing
your house in Little Rock, as well as the alternatives available to home
Are you thinking about listing and trying to sell your house in
Little Rock? While it is a great option for some homeowners, others
find that the costs do not justify the rewards or that they just can’t do it
because they would not clear enough from the sale to pay the mortgage
off, plus pay the realtor fees and closing cost. Just the realtor fees and
closing cost add up to almost ten percent of the sales price. Here are
just a few of the costs you can expect when listing your house in
Little Rock!

1. Cleaning Costs

It is one thing to wipe down the counters and run the vacuum, it is quite
another to prepare your house for the MLS. Most homeowners opt for a
professional deep cleaning when selling a Little Rock house. This will
ensure all of the nooks and crannies are spotless and that you are
presenting your home in its best possible condition. You may also want
to have the carpets professionally cleaned and the outside of your house
power washed.

2. Staging Costs

In order to have your property look its best so you can appeal to the
most potential buyers, you’ll want to not only clean but also stage the
home too. You can do this yourself with a quick trip to Target or AT
Home, or you can enlist the help of a professional stager. No matter how
you do it, you’ll want to make sure that your personal items are stored
away. Take down family photos and other items that can subconsciously
make your potential buyers feel as if they are intruding when coming to
visit your home. While it might seem odd living in a bleak property while
your home is listed, it can help you to sell faster and give you an edge
when it’s time to pack up and move.

3. Additional Marketing Services

When you list your house with a Little Rock area realtor, it’s important
to understand what is included. Some agents are full service and will
market your property in several ways at no cost to you, such as the MLS,
holding open houses and running ads. Other agents offer limited
marketing services, leaving the rest up to you. Even if your agent is full-
service, you may need to spring for professional photos or professional
virtual tours in order to make sure your house gets noticed by as many
people as possible, especially at times when there are fewer people out
and about driving neighborhoods looking for open houses.

4. Closing Costs

Many home sellers aren’t prepared for all of the costs they will incur at
the closing table. In addition to commissions, there are loan payoff fees,
attorney fees, title insurance fees, filing fees, wire transfer fees, and
more to factor in. It is often the case that the seller has to pay the buyer’s
closing cost, in addition to their own, just to get the contract signed.
While these costs are deducted from the sale price, all of these
expenses will add up fast, chipping away at any potential profits. More
than likely the total cost will add up to between eight to ten percent of the
selling price! On a $150,000 house that is about $15,000 off the top
before the seller gets anything. Plus the mortgage has to be paid too.

5. Commission and Agent Expenses

Most people understand that that will need to pay a commission if they
hire an agent to sell their Little Rock house, but they may not realize
just how much that commission will be. Let’s say your house sells for
$200,000. The average commission on a house at this price is $12,000!
Some agents even charge more than 6% which can really affect how
much you are walking away with.

6. Holding Costs

When you list your house with a Little Rock area realtor, there is no
guarantee when the property will sell or how much you will be offered.
Your house could sit on the MLS for months and quite often does.
Meanwhile, you are the one stuck paying for all of the bills. Think about
what your house really costs you each month you are living there or it is
sitting empty. Between the mortgage, utility bills, property taxes,
maintenance, repair costs, and homeowners insurance, and lawn
service you could find that you are spending thousands each and every
month… all for a home you do not want. By selling your house quickly
and directly, you have the potential to keep thousands of dollars in your

7. Negotiated Repairs

In virtually every situation, your buyers will request repairs to be made to
the property after the inspections have been completed. While on one
hand, most homeowners don’t want to spend more money on the sale
than they have to, on the other, it may be the only way to get the house
sold at all. Some sellers will go so far as to have an inspection done at
their own expense before listing it so they know for certain what they are
getting into and how much things are going to cost.

What You Can Do Instead…
Selling your Little Rock house directly to Arkansas Property Buyers LLC will help you avoid
all of the aforementioned costs and expenses. You won’t have to worry
about cleaning, making repairs, property inspections, or waiting around
through the marketing process to find a buyer. Selling your house
directly to Arkansas Property Buyers LLC will help you to get a fair and straightforward offer
for your house in Little Rock, always closing on the timeframe that
works for you.

Thinking about listing your house in Little Rock? Learn about
the costs you will need to plan for before the deciding to list it on
the MLS! Reach out to our team today to learn more! 501-504-7109

If you owe too much but need to sell, call us now! We can help.

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