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For those with a parent, spouse, or other loved one who is or will be transitioning into Senior Care, Sometimes the responsibilities can feel overwhelming for those who are helping them. One of the biggest obstacles you have is finding out what to do with their current property. Usually, you would find a realtor and list the property then use the proceeds to help that loved one with current or future expenses. The unfortunate part about this is homes don’t always sell quickly, especially if the property needs some renovation. This means you could potentially have the bills, Upkeep, and Mortgage Payments to maintain for a long period of time before it sells as well.

At one point in time, Randy (Owner of Arkansas Property Buyers) had faced this same issue within his own family and realized that what he does professionally could help other families facing these issues and alleviate some of the burdens most face while transitioning loved ones to senior care.

Things were pretty good but his Alzheimer’s kept progressing slowly but steadily. Then one day while
taking him to meet an old friend at the horse races we stopped for lunch. During lunch, he had what
appeared to be either a stroke or seizure. An ambulance took him to the hospital and during the days of
testing, we discovered that he had taken 2 blood pressure pills and his blood pressure bottomed out on
him. During his hospital stay though he tried to get up during the night to go to the bathroom but
tripped over the IV cords as he forgot he was hooked up. He broke his leg severely.
That began the process of transition into an assisted living community. Through 3 months of rehab and
another surgery to fix the leg, it was determined he could not live at home easily without help. The
rehab center gave me 3 days’ notice of having to discharge him after failing to improve for a period of
time and insurance would not continue to pay.

Scramble time. I have found that I was in the exact same scenario as most families. The unforeseen issue
arises and as a result, a fast decision forced upon the family to move a parent or grandparent into a caring
community quickly.

– Randy Thomason.

Arkansas Property Buyers passion about the senior living industry.
Having gone thru with my dad the same scenario that almost everybody with an elderly parent will go
thru, I have retooled my company to bring clarity and calmness to others going through what I went
through. I want to lessen the stress as much as possible for these families. Offer guidance, when
possible, from my own experiences. Help them speed their process along if they choose to, and most
importantly get the person who needs the help the care they need when they need it most.

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